From Ashes & Dust


  • From Ashes & Dust (jewel case)
    Compact Disc (CD)

    1. Thorns
    2. From Ashes & Dust
    3. Strong One Against The Storm
    4. Dark Erotica
    5. A Horned Man
    6. I’m The Everything
    7. The Remembrance
    8. 2848
    9. Armies Of Valinor
    10. Among Your Tears
    11. The Bard’s Song - The Hobbit (Blind Guardian cover version)

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The 4th album of Slovak dark metal band released in 2002 by Metal Age Productions. "This was the first record we created as adults and I think we made big step forward with this album back then" Dodo Datel said about From Ashes & Dust.


released August 6, 2002

Dodo Datel - vocals, bass
Sona Witch Kozakova - female vocals
Tomax Gabris - guitars
J.S.K. - keyboards
Dr. Victor Gieci - drums
All music written by Galadriel except track 11 written by Blind Guardian.
Lyrics by Dodo Datel (1,2,4,6,7), Sona Witch Kozakova (3), J.S.K. (5), Dr. Victor Gieci (8)



GALADRIEL Bratislava, Slovakia

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